Friday, February 5, 2010

She's 2 wheelin' it!!!

Hannah had a great day...she learned to ride her bike wheels!! That's my girl!!! Of course I got it on video!!
Oh yeah, mark you calendars for May 15th!!! It's Hannah's spring show for tumbling!!


1st try

2nd time

By the time it we decided to go inside, she was riding and turning all by herself. She even went with me tonight to walk Bubba! She rode the entire time around 2 blocks!! YAY Hannah!!

Some fun pictures:

Jake was a good boy at school and got a gold star!! Super Dude!!

Hannah got a "great job" sticker!!

Our little Biker chick!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catch up!!

I know, I's been forever since I've posted something. I just plain forgot!! So needless to say, I have a lot of pictures to share with you!! Hannah's birthday, New Years Eve, and just some miscellaneous pictures of the kiddos!!

For Hannah's birthday, we had a little pizza party with her grandparents and us. A little intimate party which she thoroughly enjoyed. We blew up balloons and had them out on the floor for them to play with and I made a homemade strawberry cake!! It was the best!

The next day we were invited to go to the Dallas Stars game with our good friends, The Richmonds! They live across the street and have a little boy..Aiden..who turned 3 yrs old on Dec. 28th. The kids love playing together. I wasn't sure how well our kids would do at a game but, they had a blast and were on their very best behavior!

Hannah and Jake our doing great! Hannah has started to learn how to read at school. She brings home a new book each week, we work on it, and then return it to school the following week! She is really doing well. Her first book was with all of the "at" words. Mat sat, Sam sat, Cat get the idea! Jake is counting to eleven all by himself. He does not like to play the game...count to ten or what color is this but, if it's his idea...he does great! He just says....listen to me, I know my numbers! Or, Daddy's cars are red and Mommy's is white! Such a complete difference between him and Hannah! Hannah likes to be quizzed but, Jake doesn't! So funny!!

Brent just got back yesterday from being in Florida for the past 9 days!!! It was a long week! Last night we took the kids to Shogun here in Mckinney for some yummy Hibachi and sushi!! Sushi for Brent and I...Hibachi for the kids!! The last time we took them to a place like this, it scared them with the fire and all. Last night they really got into it! They shocked us with how good they are at using chopsticks! Today Brent went dove hunting on my parents property. Jake was not thrilled about being left here. He told Daddy that he wanted to going shooting too!! Maybe several more year buddy!!! Such a little Brent...has to do everything that daddy does!! Jake's favorite phrase..."I do like Daddy do's" not's!!! So stinking cute!!

Enjoy the pics!!

Me and my 2 favorite kids!!

Jake showing off his harmonica skills!!

Just being cute!!

Hannah figured out static electricity with her birthday balloons!!

Our hockey seats!!

Hannah wearing Chris's jersey!

and Jake wearing Alicia's jersey!

Jake helping Uncle Robert fix something in our bathroom...with his own tools!!

Truly my child...he concentrates just like his sticking his tongue out!!

Jake with his chopsticks

and Hannah with hers!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let it Snow!!!

Just a few pics of the kids playing in the snow this evening!! It was so pretty while it's already begun to melt!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Anniversary surprise!!!

As I mentioned in the previous's our anniversary today. After dinner last night, Brent had to fly to Shreveport! Much to my surprise, he drove home after dropping off in Shreveport at midnight! He worked a little bit and came home around noon!! What an awesome thing!! Hannah and I had to do some grocery shopping and when I got back, I had an even better surprise!! A dozen pink/peach roses sitting on the kitchen island!! He is so good to me!! I love him so much!!! Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!!

Oh yeah, by the way, this is the work of the bestest floral specialist I know....My Mom!!!

Our Christmas!

We had a very successful Christmas this year. The kids had a blast opening all of the gifts...there was paper flying everywhere. Jake received a new train set, books, Lego's, a cowboy hat and a soccer goal....all of which he loves playing with. Hannah, on the other hand, got a jewelry box complete with jewelry, a cowboy hat, barbie house and barbies and walkie talkies! The guys had fun putting together the barbie house. It was over 55 pieces....he,he,he...I know how to pick 'em!
This was the first year that we weren't blowing and a goin'! We stayed here and let the kids play with there presents. Jake had come down with something, of course on Christmas Eve. He was running quite a high fever and wouldn't eat anything. On Saturday, when everything opened back up, I took him to our urgent care place for kids. He had major fluid in his ear! They gave us medicine and as of fever!!! YEA!!

Today is our 6th year anniversary. Funny, it doesn't seem like it has been that long! He took me to a great new restaurant here in town. Baileys Prime Plus. This is where their Christmas party was this year that we didn't make it to. Dalton gave him a gift card for it and we used it last night. What a great meal! I had salmon and Brent had a yummy steak!

Well, here are all of our pictures!! Enjoy!

opening stockings!
Brent opening his gift from me! A very cool gun!!
Robert got a gun
and so did Dad!
My anniversary present to Brent! Yes, another gun!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas time!!

Well, it's almost Christmas and the kids are anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival. There are presents under the tree, just not for them. All have been wrapped and are in hiding!!! On Christmas Eve we plan to put all of them under the tree after the kids have gone to sleep. This is the first time that we have really played Santa Claus and I am so excited to see their faces on Christmas day.

Last week we took the kids to visit Santa in our new Allen "Village." It's a new and upcoming shopping center with all the major stores and an Allen Event Center. In the middle of all of the stores was Santa's house with a huge Christmas tree out front. We were pretty lucky, we walked right in and didn't have to wait in line!! At first the kids were not on board with talking to Santa and were completely against the idea of sitting in his lap!! Even though they had talked about him the whole ride up there. We finally got Hannah to sit in his lap for a while and Jake was still against it. We got Hannah's picture and I was paying, Jake was told by Daddy that he would not get any presents from Santa! He told him that he hurt his feelings and Jake ran back in there and gave Santa a hug! Thankfully, the lady elf got a picture of it!!

After visiting Santa we walked around a little bit and found a maze in the shape of Texas and some little houses made for the little kids to play in. All in all, it was a pretty good outing! Of course, I got a bunch of pictures!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An early b-day gift for Hannah

It's approaching quite fast...Hannah's 5 year birthday!! I cannot even believe that it is going to happen. It doesn't seem right but, it just keeps getting better!!! We finally decided to give Hannah something that she has been asking for, for about 2 years. He ears pierced!! She is such a big girl! I took her to this little girls salon called Sweet and Sassy in Frisco last Monday. I know, I know...I'm very tardy in updating the blog but, we have been a little busy! She got to pick out her earrings and then they sat her in a chair and it was over before we knew it. There were some fake tears. I think it was just because she couldn't see what they were doing. I quickly told her to look in the mirror and then she was all good!! She said "mommy, don't you know that daddy will love them!!" So cute!! Of course I have pictures and a video!!