Friday, February 5, 2010

She's 2 wheelin' it!!!

Hannah had a great day...she learned to ride her bike wheels!! That's my girl!!! Of course I got it on video!!
Oh yeah, mark you calendars for May 15th!!! It's Hannah's spring show for tumbling!!


1st try

2nd time

By the time it we decided to go inside, she was riding and turning all by herself. She even went with me tonight to walk Bubba! She rode the entire time around 2 blocks!! YAY Hannah!!

Some fun pictures:

Jake was a good boy at school and got a gold star!! Super Dude!!

Hannah got a "great job" sticker!!

Our little Biker chick!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Hannah with the 2 wheel bike riding. And Jake we are so proud of your counting. And both of you got star sticks at school.

Anonymous said...

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